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2 września 2013

From Suzanne Keehn, Creative Health Network (CHN), Palo Alto CA

Hi Everyone,

I want to share with you why those of us who have experienced Recall Healing feel that it is a unique system and a process that gives access to our subconscious mind. What makes Recall Healing special is the information about how our parents conflicts at the time of conception are downloaded into the fetus as biological conflicts. An example would be if your parents conceive you after having a big argument, you would have the condition of needing to bring harmony between your parents and others. If you failed, or felt you did, and they later divorced, you would feel a failure, that you were not enough. Our body is our subconscious, though we may have ‘understood’ much about ourselves and our conditioning, if we still have unpleasant cycles, behaviors, or illnesses that do not clear up, means it is still in our subconscious and needs clearing.

Recall Healing provides tools to access and heal these unconscious patterns. Gilbert Renaud calls it “Healing through Awareness.” No matter what we think is going on, our body more accurately reflects the unconscious patterns which the conscious mind is not able to. When in doubt look/feel at what your body is telling you. It is not just reflecting your ‘stuff’, it is reflecting your parents psychological conflicts and even the two generations behind them. This process is especially beneficial for those who have been struggling with chronic or long term conditions.

Another unique understanding of the brain/body relationship of Recall Healing is that disease, which is usually presented to us as a failure and that we are doing something wrong, in Recall Healing illness is understood as the body/brain’s attempt to save the entire organism as long is possible. So illness is actually buying us time to heal the conflict. We invite you to come and experience Gilbert Renaud and Recall Healing, whether or not you plan to have a private session, as it is a profound and ground breaking understanding of the brain/body connection. Bring anyone else you feel would benefit from this information.

“Whatever does not emerge as Consciousness returns as Destiny.”

Karl G. Jung

Written by Suzanne Keehn
“Knowledge frees us and Love heals.”