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Do the emotions cause diseases?

Yes. The disorders in the body are caused by high intensity stress: the death of a beloved person, leaving a spouse, job loss, problems with the children… All of these things can be the seed that will sprout in the form of a disease. The brain starts “emergency program”, like a fuse box, if the voltage is too high, it automatically takes the short circuit.

According to Recall Healing specific emotions influence the development of certain diseases. For example, osteoporosis occurs when a person lacks self-esteem. Parkinson’s disease is a result of trying to stop a loved person who abandons us. Breast cancer is a “slot conflict”, which is the result of the inability to deal with the problems of the family. Ear, nose and throat illnesses manifest themselves when we consider that “we do not get what we need”. Problems with esophagus occur when we cannot “swallow” the problem; stomach when we cannot “digest” it…

What is the job of Recall Healing?

To find the conflict that caused the disease, because it will withdraw the symptopms. People often displace their problems from the psyche, drown them by drugs, alcohol, stimulants. However, a moment comes when they are faced with their problems, when they need to take a look at them and solve them. For the Recall Healing therapist it does not matter what problems the patient brings: cancer or headaches. Every disease is information about the state of the psyche. When the conflict is removed, a self-healing process begins that leads to recovery.

What you can get from Recall Healing?

You can help yourself, your family and the patients (if you’re a doctor or therapist). You will see the relationship between diseases that you have or have had and the events that happened in your life. You will learn how to heal. This method is specific knowledge that can be used in practice. It is worth learning how to maintain good health into old age.

Can Recall Healing help the children?

Yes. The child in the womb, during birth and the first years of its life experiences huge (often not fully conscious) emotions. In Recall Healing we pay a lot of attention to the school period because at that time some diseases related to problems with learning may appear. These include: dyslexia (according to this method it can be caused by trauma experienced by one of the parents while reading tragic news), dysgraphia (problems in relationship with too demanding father), dyscalculia (the reason may be strong stress of the parents caused by forcing oneself to behave specifically because of tradition that one does not accept, for example: marriage, baptism or family breakdown). When the work with the child and its family is performed properly, it is possible to improve its health.


wydarzenia sprzed narodzin

Our life is also affected by events before birth


Why do people gain healthy weight after Recall Healing therapy?

When an obese person goes on a diet containing the minimum of calories, the brain does everything to recover lost weight, so it controls the behaviour of the body and appetite in such way, that after some time the person eats the same amount of food, causing the yo-yo effect. To lose weight once and for all, we must begin with understanding the reason of our overweight. For example, we have a group of people who eat the same thing – some of them are slim, while the rest are overweighted. In such case people blame poor metabolism, hormonal problems and even genetics. Recall Healing has a different opinion. Obesity is a disease and can be cured. The cause of difficulties in maintaining healthy weight, as well as any other symptoms, is a conflict that takes place in the subconscious. If we solve the problem, excess weight will disappear.