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Consultations with Gilbert Renaud

The specialist in Recall Healing® supports you and guides you in this process but you remain at all times the key to your healing and your well being. Your active participation is, therefore, essential because the question revolves around your life history and you are the only person who is in a position to bring out all the information about yourself.

Using the tools of Recall Healing®, the goals of this process are:

- To bring about a greater awareness and better understanding of your condition or perhaps your behaviour.
- To identify the events that are the sources of conflict at the origin of your current health condition.
- Connecting the person with its own roots using:
1. The Life Time Line (from now backward to the moment of birth). In order to do this, the client puts down on paper your life history and all the major negative events of your life.
2. The Project/Purpose (18 months before birth + 12 first months of life);
3. The Family Tree (based on the three generations above: parents, grandparents, great-grandparents)!
- To bring about the significant changes you desire by resolving the identified conflicts.

Since this is about your life history, the work deserves to be done with care. It is a serious task that requires all your attention. To support this work, the individual first signs up for three sessions. Subsequent sessions are determined according to the person’s needs and the goals he or she has set.

This work in Recall Healing is not in any way a substitute for your medical care. You ensure your own safety by continuing to see your health professional and by following medical prescriptions.

Important comment regarding any medical assistance

Recall Healing®, Biological Deprogramming and Reprogramming, must be understood and applied as an integral part of the broader field of medicine. In effect, they are meant to work in partnership with conventional medical treatment. Without question, persons suffering from any pathology whatsoever should follow treatment according to the advice of their doctor and/or specialists, as long as such practitioners deem it necessary. Conventional medical treatment will challenge the adverse evolution of the illness, and it is for the doctor and specialists to make the decision to diminish or terminate such treatments when they observe an improvement, in other words, healing. Failure to follow prescribed treatments or their interruption in the course of work with Recall Healing® would be dangerous, since neither the number of sessions required nor the results of this work can be predicted. Recall Healing® does not pretend to be a panacea but it can be a serious step within the healing process. Every human being is different, and we cannot speculate as to the ability of the client to solve his or her conflicts.

Deprogramming and then Reprogramming

Biological deprogramming is a practical application in Recall Healing® and is in a state of constant evolution. Your are welcome to take part in one of our workshops on Recall Healing® and biological deprogramming to learn how you can overcome illness (some partially and some completely) by understanding how the brain works. Bioreprogramming® developped by Isabelle Benarous is a unique approach, which offers skills and strategies enabling us to use the newest and most powerful knowledge available, regarding the structure and function of the mind. Our emotions are the result of our interpretations. Our interpretations are based on our life history in conjunction with survival mechanisms. For as long as the illness has a purpose, the body will express it. Once the purpose is understood, it is also necessary to eliminate long term patterns of thinking, behaviors and limiting beliefs, which have supported years of habits in terms of recurrent limiting interpretations. By utilizing Bioreprogramming® as a method of healing, we can help an individual create deep transformation and restore health. We can also eliminate transgenerational programs and stop reproducing endlessly patterns of behavior, which do not belong to us.